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Violet Star presents Ascension products, services and secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

Ascended Master Saint Germain Ascension Secrets, Tools, Products and Techniques

Ascended Master Saint Germain has revealed new Ascension secrets, tools, products and techniques class=Those familiar with Ascended Master Saint Germain might have heard of the Violet Planet, his original home. He refers to it as the Violet Star. It is located far from our Galaxy.

Many people now on planet Earth are also from the Violet Star, or had an embodiment there. Those who feel a deep connection to Saint Germain, the Violet Flame, and have a strong desire to achieve Ascension, are very likely to be one.

This website is named Violet Star as a tribute to our home, and the beautiful high vibration found there.

Ascended Master Saint Germain, Le Comte de Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe, and many other names belong to the fascinating mysterious man chronicled as, "The man who knows everything and never dies". He is well known for his involvement with shaping 18th century Europe. He was a favored guest at Versailles, confidant to King Louis and Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Queen Catherine of Russia, and many other heads of state during that time.

He was equally famous for his powers of Alchemy and rejuvenation, being known to have lived over 300 years never aging, partially due to the mysterious Elixir and other alchemical substances he created. However, people may not know that he also created many cosmetic products, particularly for skin care. He shared them with the beautiful women of Versailles and Europe and also used them himself.

The Master Alchemist, Saint Germain, has been appearing to Troika Saint Germain since her childhood. They have shared many lives together on all dimensions, including on the Violet Star. Troika agreed to come into embodiment, during these ascension times, as a portal and partner for Saint Germain. She has studied and practiced Modern Alchemy and Spiritual Alchemy in one form or another her entire life. Unknown to her at the time, this was preparation for her current mission.

In January 2003, Saint Germain asked Troika (pronounced Troy-ka) to create alchemical and high vibrational products of his design to assist humanity with transformation and ascension. She gladly agreed and Saint Germain Cosmetics was formed. Later that year, Saint Germain revealed the formula of his famous "Elixir of Life", asking her to produce it as a Vibrational Essence. More products continue to be developed each year.

Their unique partnership spans the dimensions. He reveals Ascension secrets, tools, products and techniques as a continuation of the work and products he created in the 1700's. She enjoys bringing them into manifestation and making them available to the world. This website offers those products.

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