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High frequency Alchemy products based upon formulas revealed by Ascended Master Saint Germain

The dictionary says an Elixir has the magical power to maintain life indefinitely. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but there are those who have done just that.

The "Magic Elixir" of Saint Germain is Now Available to All Who Seek It.

"The Elixir is an Accelerator and also allows the physical body to hold more Light and higher frequencies. How that energy is utilized is up to the individual."
-- Ascended Master Saint Germain, Jan. 8, 2006

The Elixir is based upon the mysterious elixir that Saint Germain drank daily, making it possible for him to live in the same body for over 300 years and never age past 40-45 years in appearance and health. Others that he shared the Elixir with also seemed to "reverse" their age.

This formula was given to me directly by Ascended Master Saint Germain. He has appeared to me often since I was a small child. I had asked him for the Elixir, or its recipe, many times during the past 25 years. He always ignored my requests. . . until one blessed day in Aug 2003. He said that now the time was right to share it, and proceeded to give me the ingredients.

He instructed me to prepare his Elixir of Life as an ESSENCE. It carries the vibration of the ingredients, exactly as do flower or gem essences, without containing the actual ingredients. This enables it to work on the higher dimensional bodies, where all creation begins the process of manifestation. Also, as an Essence, there can be no allergy issues.

The Elixir will be given in Phases, as Saint Germain instructed, while saying that our body needs to adjust in steps. The full formula is too strong to be taken without preparation. This is Phase I.

I have had amazing results with it on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Results will vary and be uniquely personal. I make NO claims as to what this Elixir will do for you. Some testers had absolutely no results that they could perceive. Unedited reports from some of the elixir testers are below.

The Elixir comes in a 1 oz cobalt blue bottle with an eye dropper. One bottle will last from 6-9 months or more using the recommended dosage which is only 1-2 drops per day placed into a larger container of water.


I've been using St. Germain Elixir for a few days now and I'm feeling better and what's amazing is that I put a few drops in my toner and my face is noticeably brighter! Who knew youthing could be so easy?! - LaRetta

I have received my Elixir yesterday morning. I was a little out of balance and had a headache. Right after taking a few sips of the Elixir I felt a total shift in my energy, there was more flow, the headache was gone. My vibration rose and I could DEFINITELY feel St. Germain's presence stronger in my fields. My energy field and body feels more vibrant, clear, clean and uplifted! I am looking forward to using this gift forever! Thank you so much! I LOVE the Elixir! with Joy, -Viola in the UK

I must just say that since taking your Elixir my shortness of breath has all but disappeared, my aches and pains have gone, and I have been told I look in my late 40's and I'm 64! This change has largely taken place since using your products. I find the Elixir extremely useful for other purposes than drinking in water. I put it on my hair brush (2 drops) and it keeps my hair in perfect condition. I also use it to refresh my crystals. How can I thank you enough? This product is also extremely pleasant to drink and helps me spiritually to love more and to feel more alive. I do warmly congratulate you and St Germain on your work. I look forward to receiving 2 more bottles of your second stage Elixir at your earliest convenience. With grateful thanks and warmest regards, Marion K., Netherlands


Tester 1 -- physical: The inside of my body feels different. It feels as if I am much younger inside my body than the physical appearance reflects. Many people that I have recently met have commented on my appearance being younger looking than I am.
mental: I seem to be more patient with others.
spiritual: I am aware of my spiritual part much more often during the day than before. Perhaps it is because of the "centering" before each sip.
other: I seem to be "letting" things happen rather than "making" things happen.
comments: I am sure that this process is working. I have enjoyed and been greatly helped by this program.

Tester 2 -- physical: my dreams are intensely lucid...and lots of feelings of being in multi dimensions...time slippage....and generally more sleep is needed than before...i feel like i can see beyond what i see as in overlays....inside and outside....simultaneous...
mental: able to cope with things easier...less stress...very expansive in my mind....i wander all over the universe
spiritual: more firm in my belief of immortality...i feel in the center of the heart chakra...i feel expansive and have a greater knowing of creative process....and akashic knowledge
emotional: i feel my emotions don't overwhelm me as much...i am more the observer
other: dreams continue to get more and more controlled as in i can know i am dreaming and move about as if i were awake....dreams and waking state are becoming similar in my thoughts....which is reality? they are both....!!!!
comments: i have visions of hyperspacial missions and they appear in physically...i am very impressed with this...want to know what herbs or crystals you used in making this elixir!!!!

Tester 3 --physical: Today my eyes are brighter. Am not using my glasses to do this.
mental: more patient, feeling of belonging here that I have not experienced before. Better able to study, can settle down and complete my homework in a timely manner, do not panic at the thought of having to do it.
spiritual: Finding it hard to meditate, forgetting to do so
emotional: very emotional, lots of tears, feel more settled now. Much less fear about learning, able to recognize the fear and breath through it.
other: doing Food Combining and have noticed a big difference in my health, no stomach aches which has been a life long complaint.
Waking up remembering my dreams in great detail.
Many people tell me that I am very beautiful and I can see that they mean it. In the past this used to make me feel very uncomfortable, today I accepted the complement with out feeling bad.

Tester 4 -- physical: I can see my hair and body changing
mental: all over the place
spiritual: for the first time I can see why every thing is upside down for me at this moment you reap what you sow
emotional: up and down
other: I am empowered to change my life
comments: I now can fix up a lot of my life now with confidence as spiritually and mentally I have been given another chance to start again. My weight and everything else is due to having a big mouth, I am lucky to be able to see why this is happening. thank you for this elixir

Tester 5 -- physical: I have more strength and I don't get tired as much, I was surprise how easy it was for me last time to get in and out of the tub. The arctic cold weather is not affecting me as much, I feel like I want to do things, before when I was home I just wanted to sit down now I want to do some thing. I am very happy with this formula.
mental: I have started to notice that I can think more clearly.
emotional: i feel more confident that I can do more things.
other: I notice that I am more active now.

Tester 6 -- physical: My hair is gradually changing to brown.
mental: I have improved in meditation. I was not a natural meditator. I find it easier to do now and I do it more often.
spiritual: I am more trusting of the Universe.
emotional: I have become more forgiving and loving, more disenchanted with the screen of life, and more eager for the changes that are coming in the outer world.
other: Dreams are easier and happier.

Tester 7 -- physical: Higher awareness of what is good for my body, like a shot of wheat grass almost daily. My skin has definitely improved.
mental: Better able to cope with life's little ups and downs.
spiritual: More and clearer meditation.
other: My dreams have increased, somewhat. My diet has improved, with a little less sugar craving. My overall ability to accept things as they are, and know that all things are in order. I guess I can best summarize by saying that I am overall more peaceful than I used to be. I love this elixir! Thank you, Troika, and thank you, St Germain!

Ascended Master Saint Germain's Elixir of LifeResults will vary and be uniquely personal.
Please have an open mind without preconceived expectations.
Strong Intent and Commanding Affirmations are recommended.

The highest quality Sacramental Brandy is used to hold the frequency and purity of the Elixir, as per Saint Germain's instruction. The Brandy becomes a non-issue as the Elixir is diluted properly into water. However, do not order the Elixir if you have a judgmental belief regarding this ingredient.


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Please consider your use of the Elixir as an experiment.

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